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Bridge into the Woods

Need a New Look For
Your Practice?

Haven Advising has partnered with Murphy Made Collections to bring you a comprehensive and high-end web development experience. We provide dental practice owners with a 20k website for less than half the price. We want dental practices to be proud to promote their practice and having the right website is how that is accomplished.

What We Can Do For You

Here is an example of the work we can do for you. There is no need to have a standard looking website for your practice anymore. With the help of our partner, Murphy Made Collections, we can completely customize your website so that you can have something to be proud of when marketing yourself to potential patients.

Haven-001 (1)_edited.jpg



Custom Website Design and Administration


Professional on site videography and photography with you and your staff.


In-person or Online Web Development Consultation


Quick edits and additions made in real time.

Our Partner

Murphy Made Collections was founded through the passion of helping doctors focus on what matters most - their patients. We believe there is no better tool than regular, high quality content via social media to introduce potential patients to your practice. If a patient feels comfortable with their medical team far before arriving for their appointment, our job is done. 

Bridge into the Woods

Ready to get started?

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